Clare Kenny

Clare is currently employed by the Australian Catholic University where she has found a worthwhile application of her managerial skills and qualifications in the area of health sciences. She balances a busy schedule of performing, work, teaching and study. Clare has a great passion for the performing arts in both her personal and professional life.  She was previously Education Program Director at Music Australia (2015 – 2017) where she was responsible for Music: Count Us In; Australia’s largest music education and participation program involving over 700,000 students from 3,500 schools around the country. Prior to her time at Music Australia, Clare managed the Sydney Children’s Choir at Gondwana Choirs (2012-2014). She is a vocal tutor at The Arts Unit and works with a small studio of private students.

Clare’s particular strengths and interests lie in the areas of artistic and strategic planning, program development and community engagement. Clare enjoys participating in projects across the organisation, having sung with Sydney Philharmonia Choirs since 2008. She regularly sings in the projects of the three auditioned choirs and as a member of special project choirs.

Term expires May 2021