Centenary Circle

In 2020 Sydney Philharmonia Choirs will commemorate 100 years of singing and performance.

Joining the Centenary Circle means joining a group of passionate music lovers who are dedicated to the future of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.

Since 2012, the members of the Centenary Circle have committed to building sufficient financial reserves to ensure Sydney Philharmonia Choirs can fittingly celebrate this milestone birthday. Over the years, new members have joined the Centenary Circle, determined to be part of this historic event.

Looking beyond 2020, Centenary Circle members believe it is vital to provide future generations of Australian singers and musicians the opportunity to perform world class choral music in significant venues. No other organisation currently provides these opportunities.

The Centenary Circle is dedicated to the enduring artistic success of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs for the next 100 years.

To join the Centenary Circle please contact Hannah Mason, General Manager on 02 8274 6205 or