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As a non profit arts organisation every ounce of assistance we receive makes a critical difference. We are truly thankful to all donors and supporters and invite you to add your name to this valued roll. We welcome all donations, all of which are acknowledged here on our site. Like to help? That’s music to our ears.


Empty choir stalls. Silenced orchestras. We planned for a very different Centenary year in 2020.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entire Australian arts community has been crushing but, after 100 years of singing together, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs knows a great deal about surviving hard times. We have demonstrated our resilience before and we will do it again with your support; though this could be the most difficult period in our organisation’s history.

At the core of everything we do is the belief that singing together and creating music are vital actions that express our shared humanity and connect us to communities around the world. Music is universal.

We are primarily a self-funding organisation and, at the beginning of a prolonged period without ticket revenue, we are asking for your help to see us through.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. Your gift, of any size, would be a vital contribution to Sydney Philharmonia Choirs’ future in these uncertain times.



Sydney Philharmonia Choirs has enhanced your life over the years, bringing joy and delight through your passion for singing, either as a chorister or audience member. Choosing to remember Sydney Philharmonia Choirs in your will is a practical way of acknowledging the pleasure that the organisation has given you.

A bequest directed to Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, whatever the amount, makes an enormous difference in allowing us to plan confidently for the future and ensure the Choirs continue to sing for the next generations. By informing us that you have left a bequest, you enjoy the gratitude of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs during your lifetime, and your gift can be directed to the projects and activities that are close to your heart.

For a confidential conversation, please contact Hannah Mason, General Manager on 02 8274 6205.